The Dole Academy


The Dole Academy exists to offer higher learning to those within Barovia. To be a place of knowledge and gathering for scholars and students alike. An opportunity for others to teach and share the knowledge they have come to hone over time.

Who Runs it?

Miuo Olivene

A small and often overlooked woman. Miuo is hardly a great beauty or devious enough looking to make one feel they need to guard their coins. Her pale complexion, small stature, and crisp white dress often make her be viewed as harmless and not much of a threat.What she lacks physically she more than makes up for in her intellect. While still young for a halfling she has spent her youth and early adulthood fostering a ravenous consuming hunger for knowledge across a number of topics and interests. Quickly making her one of the brightest of her age.

What is taught ?


ꕥ The use or study of herbal medicines. But not limited to those of a medicinal nature. The study of such includes the brewing of tonics that offer a wide array of boons and benefits. A true master of the art can even brew a tonic to restore life to the dead.The subject also covers where certain herbs can be natively found, and the seasons for which they grow in.


ꕥ The alchemical art of extracting the raw essence from a wide variety of materials. And how to form such into a varnish. arrowheads, protective armor coating. Or a raw material to be used in the enchanting process.The subject also covers where many of the creatures can be found. Which parts are useful on the given creature and level of essence potency.


ꕥ The study of languages in the form of both speech and the written word. Applying the knowledge in a variety of forms. Such as aiding in the art of being a diplomat. Translating knowledge into various languages. Or as a general translator.

The Arcane Arts

ꕥ The study of the arcane arts can take many different forms, one such form being the devout study of knowledge. The arcane arts are divided into many schools of magic, such as transmutation, conjuration, and enchantment. The study of the arcane arts spans the many different schools of magic, including how to counterspell. Along with the lands where magic is tolerated. The many discrete refuges where scrolls of knowledge can be found. With occasional excursions to such places to help students acquire knowledge for their lessons.

The Mundane Healing Arts

ꕥ The study of the mundane healing arts is often a bloody and grim one. Due to barovia's lack of acceptance and tolerance of magic. Many have become accustomed to fixing and tending wounds without the aid of magic. Such as the setting of bones, sewing of wounds, and many other forms of care. Such as the delivery of babies, and managing of born illnesses and afflictions.


The school is currently taught out of Midway Haven.


Miuo Olivene

ꕥ Alchemy
ꕥ Herbology
ꕥ The Arcane Arts
ꕥ The Mundane Healing Arts
ꕥ Languages: Halfling, Balok, Elvish, Mordentish, Draconic, Luktar, Sylvan, Celestial, Aquan, Infernal, Abyssal

Raenok Velisandrè

ꕥ Cooking
ꕥ Battle tactics

Weyland Sinclair

ꕥ Were Creature Studies
ꕥ Demonic Creature Studies


ꕥ That all who seek to learn to deserve the opportunity to do so. From the lowest born to the highest born.ꕥ Monetary value should not be placed on knowledge and should be offered to all freely.ꕥ All knowledge has value and purpose.

Academy Rules


ꕥ None shall be turned awayꕥ Intentionally harming another student or teacher is forbiddenꕥ None will ever be asked to pay for the right or privilege to learn. Donations of gold or materials will be welcomed to help foster knowledge but never asked for.


ꕥ All alignments are welcome. But evil and chaotic might find lessons restrictive as they are forced to behave and act with a certain decorum.ꕥ Respect other players style of teaching roleplayꕥ Try to roleplay learning in a timely mater, as the purpose of such is for scholarly learning rp. Not to go from novice to master over night.


Discord: #Miuo2377
Game Account: Princess_Miuo